This exhibition of works on paper by Angus Fairhurst presents a series of drawings and proposals (negations and affirmations), which together stand as a methodology for making and breaking form.

Shown in three sections within a cycle of developing ideas, the works range from written proposals, erased postcards and collages to sketches for animations.

Three short text animations are also included. The whole charts a formal progression, beginning with works where the image is made by removing elements of or obliterating found imagery and ending with works built up by adding and layering repeated elements.

Angus Fairhurst's most recent animation Normal / Distorted / Superimposed was exhibited in ‘Apocalypse’ at the Royal Academy, and will also be shown in an animation exhibition at PS1 in New York in May of this year. Fairhurst has one person exhibitions in April at the Verein Kunsthalle St. Gallen and Spacex in Exeter, in May at China Art Objects in Los Angeles, and is included in Casino at the Gemeente Museum in Gent in October

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