Using found materials such as discarded speakers, rock t-shirts, leather jackets and gloves, Jim Lambie’s sculptures obliquely harness the ability of music to transform mood and open up the mind, “getting rid of the edges” as he puts it. Lambie’s works have a freshness of form – partly to do with the fact that they look fun to make – that make the viewer feel that things are looking up: this is the hippest party in town. His surprising combinations of familiar objects are unpretentiously transformed by a psychedelic palate and energised with his economic efficiency. From bed-sit trash into talismans that alter physical and cerebral space, the works act like a favourite song - the sculptures lead and the audience follows. The objects become fetishistic artefacts by appearing to have, even for a moment, a significant force not quite their own, like the discarded tools of a shaman or magician.

Jim Lambie’s second exhibition at Sadie Coles HQ continues his association with music, atmosphere and social environments, a reminder that Scottish artist Lambie worked in the music industry before studying at Glasgow School of Art. Lambie has recently been included in major international group shows such as Painting at the Edge of the World, Walker Art Centre, 2001, Here and Now – Scottish Contemporary Art at Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee and currently in Early One Morning at the Whitechapel Art Gallery in London. Last year, Lambie was one of the winners of the Paul Hamlyn Art Awards.

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