“What do you see as your major influences? The Canal Zone. Peach Street in Braintree, Mass. Zorro. Carving the word 'shit' on my desk in fifth grade. Getting to know how to make it come out of my cock in sixth grade. Steve McQueen and the two cars in the movie Bullitt. Watching Lee Harvey Oswald get shot on TV. The Vietnam war. Martin Luther King's assassination. Jackson Pollock. Lenny Bruce. Jimmy Piersol (he played baseball for the Boston Red Sox and he was mentally unstable). Touching the Berlin Wall in 1968. Rod Sterling. Hugh Hefner. What's My Line? Truth or Consequences. Who Do You Trust? The Ed Sullivan Show (all TV shows). Milton Bradley. Christian Metz. Lew Welch (a poet). Two Lane Blacktop (a movie). Woodstock. Procol Harum. Blonde on Blonde. Beach combing in Weymouth, Mass, when I was a teenager. West Side Story- especially the outfit Bernardo wore to the YMCA dance. The INs and OUTs of the New York Social Register. The fragrance counter at Sak's Fifth Avenue. Carol Shelby. The shininess of the Velvet Underground. The Beach Boys'. In My Room. The World of Video. Tons more. Tons.”

For his fourth exhibition at Sadie Coles HQ, Richard Prince presents new works: joke paintings, check paintings, American English sculptures and hippie drawings.

This exhibition is accompanied by the publication of Richard Prince’s new artist’s book, Hippie Drawings.

Richard Prince in interview, Like a Beautiful Scar On Your Head, Modern Painters, Special American Issue, Autumn 2002, Vol 15, No 3


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