Urs Fischer’s first exhibition at Sadie Coles HQ will include a sculpture of three women as life-size candles. The figures will violently self-destruct during the show, as the wax melts and limbs start to drop off. Playing on our familiarity with the female nude in art, the sculpture subverts the genre’s traditionally elegant and expensive associations through the artist’s choice of material and how it dictates the evolution of the form. This lumpen version of the Three Graces leaves open-ended both the making and finishing of the object. Also in the exhibition are Fischer’s groups of drawings that seem to start as doodles of ideas and images in the artist’s head.

Having trained as a photographer Urs Fischer now works in a variety of media including painting, drawing and sculpture. His inspiration and materials are grabbed from his immediate, everyday surroundings and his work carries signs of the spontaneous, organic nature of its evolution, further characterised by an easy sense of humour. Fischer has had solo shows at Stedelijk Museum Bureau, Institute of Contemporary Art, London and the Kunsthaus Glarus. Born in Zurich in 1973, he lives and works in Berlin, Zurich and Los Angeles.

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