HQ is pleased to present new paintings by Victoria Morton, one of a group of artists emerging from Glasgow. Her abstract paintings are arrangements of conscious and unconscious thought, inner landscapes that use a spatial structure based on optics rather than a single point perspective to evoke a hallucinatory sense of double vision. Borrowing the idea of continuous composition from music, each painting suggests movement and an unfolding of visual and spatial possibilities.

This new body of work reflects an interest in Renaissance and Old Master paintings from a personal point of view, where something very beautiful can also be sinister at the same time. In Plus and Minus, one of the largest canvases, a dazzling rainbow angel wing or a mechanical bird is evoked emerging and flickering from a dark mass. Like a poem, the subject of each painting has been richly condensed and examined from an emotive perspective.

Victoria Morton is 29 and lives and works in Glasgow.

For further information please contact the gallery at +44 (0)20 7493 8611 or press@sadiecoles.com

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