Jonathan Horowitz

Occupy Greenwich
Jonathan Horowitz, 2016
Hardback: 169 pages
Publisher: The Brant Foundation, Art Study Center
ISBN: 978-1-942607-69-4
Dimensions: 280mm x 230mm

Occupy Greenwich is about the past eight years of my life, from Obama’s election on. In a way, Obama’s presidency gave me a breather. It allowed me to think about some other things, like dots.


By the time this catalog sees the light of day, hopefully Hillary Clinton will be our next president. Or it will be Donald Trump, and the world will be a vastly different and very scary place. So in conclusion, I’ll just say this: never forget – not only can it happen here, but it’s happened before, and if not this time, it will likely happen again.


Jonathan Horowitz


Jonathan Horowtiz’s Occupy Greenwich catalogue was published on the occasion of his show, Occupy Greenwich at The Brant Foundation Art Study Center, New York. The show opened amid the presidential election season and comprised mostly of works made over the course of Barack Obama’s eight-year presidency.

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