Kati Heck

All my friends are wild
Hardback 80 頁
出版者: Tim Van Laere
ISBN: 9789082714579
方面: 258mm x 217mm

All my friends are wild accompanies the eponymously titled solo exhibition Kati Heck presented with Tim Van Laere Gallery earlier this year. The exhibition comprise a new body of work – including painting, photography and bronze sculpture – influenced by the American philosopher Donna Haraway. Haraway has had a major impact on contemporary social sciences and philosophy, advocating ideas of equality between sexes, organisms, and other life forms. Through Heck’s photo realistic figures in which she combines precision with abstraction, synthesizing different styles, combining elements from expressionism and surrealism with social realism, she envisions a world in which division has disappeared and freedom of personal identities seems infinite.

Kati Heck: All my friends are wild
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