Sadie Coles HQ is pleased to present Nicola Tyson: Four Paintings as part of a new exhibition collaboration between London Collective and Vortic Collect. The London Collective brings together 40 of the UK’s leading commercial galleries to present exhibitions and artists’ projects on Vortic Collect, a new extended reality app.

Adopting an intuitive approach, Tyson begins by drawing. She works quickly to “stay ahead of rational decision making”, not knowing what will appear but trusting that the “discovered” images will resonate with a complex range of meanings and associations. Selected sketches are then worked up into paintings through a slower, more deliberate process. Tyson’s expressive paint application is nevertheless characterised by a ‘one-chance only’ approach – that of using a dry brush to produce a sense of immediacy and dynamism of movement, in addition to her chromatically-heightened pallette of unlikely colour combinations, rendering the imagery alternately perverse and beautiful.