Made in 2019, Chrust (Brushwood) is the latest film by Wilhelm Sasnal. Developing in parallel to the artist’s painting practice for over two decades, Sasnal’s films echo genres of 20th Century Polish cinema ranging from the inter and post-war avant-gardes to those that evolved throughout the country’s Communist-era.

Chrust (Brushwood) presents a fairy-tale like narrative inspired by Lunar pareidolia – the shapes and figures imagined by humans to appear on the surface of the moon. In Sasnal’s fable, we follow The Moon’s daughter, sent on a quest by her father to save the decaying Earth from ruin. Finding the task overwhelming, The Moon sends his daughter a bucket as a helper and reinforcement in her mission. The plot unfolds through interwoven sequences of film, instrumental soundtrack and title cards, quietly navigating the viewer through a dreamy and uncanny narrative, exploring the nature of humanity, folly and decay.

Opening on Thursday 3 September, Sadie Coles HQ will present a solo exhibition by Wilhelm Sasnal at the gallery’s Kingly Street location, comprising a body of paintings made over the past two years between Los Angeles and Sasnal’s studio in Kraków. Coinciding with the presentation, Rizzoli Electa will release an in-depth monograph – Wilhelm Sasnal – exploring the artist’s practice over twenty years, with new texts contributed by Pavel Pys, Brian Dillon, Kasia Redzisz, Andrzej Przywara and an introduction by Adrian Searle.