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    Matthew Barney, Redoubt, reader/catalogue/book available now with texts by Pamela Franks, Elisabeth Hodermarsky, Andre Lepecki, Gifford Pinchot, Molly Nesbit, Arthur Middleon, Jannifer Raab, John Rember, 2019 Yale University Press for Yale University Art Museum @sadiecoleshq at eshop #matthewbarney #redoubt @yalebooks @pacecarforthehubrispill
    20 March 2019
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    Urs Fischer, 8, 2014, installed at Kunsthaus Zurich with Arnold Böcklin, St Anthony preaching to the fish, 1892 @kunsthaus_zuerich #ursfischer #carrot #arnoldbocklin
    19 March 2019
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    David Korty, Howl, opens today at Night Gallery, Los Angeles until 20 April @nightgallery #davidkorty #howl #collage (image: face on green with four black ears, 2019)
    16 March 2019