Victoria Morton (b. 1971, Glasgow, Scotland) obtained an MFA from Glasgow School of Art (1995), following her BA in Fine Art Painting (both Glasgow, Scotland). Playing with the nature of image construction and the physicality of perception, Morton constructs a “narrative of sensations” in which physical, performative process, is counterbalanced with psychological expression. Her paintings teem with kinetic tension and desire, alternately fluid and tangible, they simultaneously conjure and elide figurative interpretation. Throughout her making process research plays a foundational role; her work is consciously grounded in knowledge of the language of painting found in both Eastern and Western art historical discourses. More recently, she has developed techniques informed by the biological structures of organic forms following time spent on a commission for The Stem Cell Institute in Cambridge. Music also forms an essential part of Morton’s practice, she is herself a musician, and the synthesis of colour and form in her compositions is informed by the perception of rhythm, dissonance and time. Accordingly her works carry their own internal rhythm that is defined by a symbiosis of intuition and structure, inviting both sensory and cerebral interpretation.