Christiana Soulou (b. Athens, Greece) studied at L’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris. Soulou’s work occupies the significant space between inspiration and redefinition – her delicate and gestural drawings, frequently executed in coloured or graphite pencil, often imply the possibility of an image, enacting a dialogue between literary medium and visual domain. They are at once evanescent and insistent, elusive and precise, emerging out of subtlety of tone and exacting line, and invoking the works of Renaissance draughtsmen such as Pisanello and Dürer. As Donatien Grau has observed, “If we are to use the phrase ‘drawing inspiration’ in relation to her work, it will perhaps be less in the sense of ‘drawing inspiration from’ than in, literally, ‘drawing inspiration’: making a drawing that expresses, transcribes, and eventually is inspiration itself, once made visible.”