Figuring it out is hard and I’m sorry
It aint about you/
Burn Babylon/
Yah pussy ah da wettest/
Racism Shadism Classism colorist sexism Patriarch decentering whiteness
No Fucks Given/
The Marathon continues/
Art is about learning how to be, Painting is about what's in front of you, it's about learning to see/
Niggas die everyday in the hood B/
You're the most insecure person I know and it's disgusting/
We have to be gentle with each other’s hearts
I Like America and America likes me
For the CULTURE/
If you were them, You would be them/
“You’ve got to give them something special, you got to give them you, what you do, what you represent”
New women, old ways, Gotta Keep a Balance/
I look cooler than I am/
I don't want my work to be some fucking free zone associations/
Build the margins/
This nigga always skiing even in the summer/
Poverty Broke/
"I'm a Roc-A-Fella
What nigga for Roc-A-Fella shit I will rock a fella”/
"grey sheep”/
"You know you were my first time a new feel”/
“Lots of class but working class”/
Every year I grew up but never got older/
Fuck a lot/ mad asexual/
The margin are limitations of the imagination/
There are no margins/
Every master must empty his cup/
Take my dog to go see Santa/
Worker’s rights/
Be more grateful/
It’s ok to have the feelings that you have/it doesn’t mean your feelings are correct/
Don’t restate what someone has already said when you can say something new and more relevant/
Take something do something to it then do something to it/
Ok, Sorry/
It’s my flesh that holds on to facts, It’s my spirit that holds on to truth/
She riding dick on her tippy toes/
Trama looping/
Web of what I’m already doing/
Digital identity/
Only thing that was real/
Too much mindless conformity/
Live your truth
Black people who love black people
Who are you talking too
Sorry if I made you feel less than who you are/ a little insecure
a civilian
Bummy Jack
Swear by the moment
Centering identifies
Consider the source
Emotional thirst-trap
Long journey not a lot of time
Borderless experience
Ima shine Anti-social extrovert
I’m from the far side of a small island
Wanna feel the thrust wanna feel the texture
Not really into small talk but always want a deep conversation
Biggest turn on real empathy not this pseudo cultural capitalist woke that people exercise now a days/ empathy
that requires real listening and imagination around someone else’s lived experience.
Everything I experience is real