It aint about you/ 

Burn Babylon/ 

Yah pussy ah da wettest/ 

Racism Shadism Classism colorist sexism Patriarch/ 

Art is about learning how to be, Painting is about what's in front of you, it's about learning to see/ 

Niggas die everyday in the hood B/ 


You're the most insecure person I know and it's disgusting/ 

We have to be gentle with each other's hearts 

I Like America and America likes me 

For the CULTURE/ 

If you were them, You would be them/ 


"You've got to give them something special, you got to give them you, what you do, what you represent" 

New women, old ways, Gotta Keep a Balance/ 

I look cooler than I am/ 

I don't want my work to be some fucking free zone associations/ 

Build the margins/ 

This nigga always skiing even in the summer/ 

Poverty/ now I'm just broke 

"I'm a Roc-A-Fella 

What nigga for Roc-A-Fella shit I will rock a fella" 

"grey sheep" 

"You know we're my first time a new feel" 

"Lots of class but working class" 

Every year I grew up but never got older 

Fuck a lot/ mad asexual 

The margin are limitations of the imagination 

There are no margins 

Every master must empty his cup 

Take my dog to go see Santa 

Worker's rights 

Be more grateful 

It's ok to have the feelings that you have/it doesn't mean your feelings are correct 

Don't restate what someone has already said when you can say something new and more relevant 

Take something do something to it then do something to it

Ok, Sorry 

It's my flesh that holds on to facts 

It's my spirit that holds on to truth 

She riding dick on her tippy toes