Figuring it out is hard and I’m sorry 

It aint about you/

Burn Babylon/

Yah pussy ah da wettest/

Racism Shadism Classism colorist sexism Patriarch decentering whiteness

No Fucks Given/

The Marathon continues/

Art is about learning how to be, Painting is about what's in front of you, it's about learning to see/

Niggas die everyday in the hood B/


You're the most insecure person I know and it's disgusting/

We have to be gentle with each other’s hearts 

I Like America and America likes me 

For the CULTURE/

If you were them, You would be them/


“You’ve got to give them something special, you got to give them you, what you do, what you represent”

New women, old ways, Gotta Keep a Balance/

I look cooler than I am/

I don't want my work to be some fucking free zone associations/

Build the margins/

This nigga always skiing even in the summer/

Poverty Broke/

"I'm a Roc-A-Fella

What nigga for Roc-A-Fella shit I will rock a fella”/

"grey sheep”/

"You know you were my first time a new feel”/

“Lots of class but working class”/

Every year I grew up but never got older/

Fuck a lot/ mad asexual/

The margin are limitations of the imagination /

There are no margins/

Every master must empty his cup/

Take my dog to go see Santa/

Worker’s rights/

Be more grateful/

It’s ok to have the feelings that you have/it doesn’t mean your feelings are correct/

Don’t restate what someone has already said when you can say something new and more relevant/

Take something do something to it then do something to it/

Ok, Sorry/

It’s my flesh that holds on to facts, It’s my spirit that holds on to truth/

She riding dick on her tippy toes/

Trama looping/

Web of what I’m already doing/

Digital identity/

Only thing that was real/

Too much mindless conformity/

Live your truth

Black people who love black people

Who are you talking too

Sorry if I made you feel less than who you are/ a little insecure 

a civilian 

Bummy Jack

Swear by the moment 

Centering identifies 

Consider the source 

Emotional thirst-trap

Long journey not a lot of time

Borderless experience

Ima shine Anti-social extrovert 

I’m from the far side of a small island 

Wanna feel the thrust wanna feel the texture 

Not really into small talk but always want a deep conversation 

Biggest turn on real empathy not this pseudo cultural capitalist woke that people exercise now a days/ empathy that requires real listening and imagination around someone else’s lived experience.

Everything I experience is real

Sometimes the safest place I feel is sleeping on the streets

Latisha harlin

It’s your job

Consider the source 

Wish we grew up on the same advice

Arbitrary geopolitical cousins fight political identity 

I get it Annd I hope I don’t lose IT

Do you trust me

Why are white people always asking black people to hold black people accountable through punishment and very comfortable forgiving white people for far worst

Possibilities simplicity reduction 

Social fabric 

Till this day

More conscious of the way we raise our daughters 


Keep ur dick in ur pants

I believe in ENRRGY

You have time


Using networks

Backshot show me weh u got

People who say purple cause they want to argue red but you said blue

Future part looping in between

Things we know, we know we don’t know, and things we don’t know that we don’t know

I don’t rob and steal

I could taste my eyes

Believe in ur future self

Absent minded but think about everything

venerability versus desperation

The universe has no north 

-A world of opinions based on privileges or hurts 

-They said I was crippled so I said fuck it found my own path (build them stairs)

-I wonder if Iran is going to attack during Election Day 

-Successful black men with average white women

White women with a fat ass

-When you have tension over ANYTHING an argument can come over anything 

-I think about death everyday I think about it as a reminder to live 

-Dark oppression vs black oppression

Willing vs wanting

-White middle upper middle class women who advocate for socialism and imagination against capitalism is black men making money but never speak to their fathers who rally against the death tax 

I rather fail on my ideas than succeed on someone else

I love that shit too much for you to not care

I can indentify her by she bumsy 

It’s impossible being a human being

Artist or brand

When something’s a problem it just means you not looking at the truths and the opportunities

Fake outrage

We trigger each others demons

We’ve become used to the suffering of others 

I dont Inherit beef

The fox knows many things and the hedgehog knows one big thing....he had one big idea in that he knew he would have many ideas

Academic Object painters

Conviction/ consensus 

Coons are negroes who choose white approval over black advancements 

Virtue signaling 

Houseless people

The purpose of a system is what it does...

Dont fault people for the incentives that form them

growth as oppose to assembly

Take sense out of nonesense

Whats understood never has to be explained

Sorry to state the obvious 

I knew i could give more if i felt protected 

Everything you’ve done ends up being training for what you are doing

Life liberty and justice black people we still fighting for life

big mad

Them a real asshole

Dont let your enemy tell you who your enemy is

Familiarity as information 

Digital communications 

Ideology is the mechanism that harmonize the principles that you want to think you hold and what advances your material interest 

You ask me what time it is and I tell you how to make a watch

I hate when People cant decenter themselves while listening

One you understand the way broadly you can see it in everything 

May you realize your divinity in this lifetime

Performative blackness for white gaze

America snakes of America 

Puppets without a string

K-Shaped recovery 

Wet Ass Pussy

Kings disease 

Systemic white guilt

I wish i could save ya

Put my dick pon uah lipstick 

dna memory

You’re better than what i was ready for

What good is worrying about your beard if your head is about to be taken off

Digital fatigue 

Black like having your cousin back

Over Specialized and you breath in weakness

Knowledge we have created for ourselves

Digital native

There is something violent that requires you to conform to a standard that by definition you could never meet...Thick

Out of bounds and out of budget 

Hands space face stay safe

Cognitive capture 

The thing that you want but not in the package that you wanted

A mistake repeated more than once is a decision 

In-group thinking in monoculture 

I feel like im watching a real hood movie right now 

Knowledge based economic 

Memory imprinting thing

Democratic speech environment 

Too many brown folks with anti-black antitudes 

Success gets mixed in with the idea of freedom as if they are the same

Minority group Identify politics rooted in anti blackness 

External processor

Winners dont make excuses when the other side plays the game

Pimped by people’s future perception of us

I have drawing and im searching for color where as you have color and you are searching for drawing 

The streets dont got rules it aint never have rules

Move passed/past the slogans

Young generation getting older

You gotta love free speech and you gotta love the bullshit

Paintings are visual text 


Logical fallacies 

Every choice comes with an invoice 

Get married to the game but never have a kid with it 

Whats beef

The key is to not let some nigga thats not on your level trick you out of position

One hand wash the other both hands wash the face

Social innovation (the weekend, 8 hour days)

Dignity purchases

Embodied knowledge 

Practicing Trust

Play your part dont let the position play you

Emotional moron but he isnt evil