Lisa Brice (b. 1968, Cape Town, South Africa) graduated from Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town in 1990. Best known for her arresting representations of the female nude, Brice recontextualises and reclaims the pervasive and objectifying art historical visualisations of the female body in her art. Primarily working in painting and drawing, Brice’s visual lexicon often draws parallels with the portrayals of traditionally lauded male artists – ranging from Degas, Manet, Vallotton and Picasso – transposing their figures with an aura of individuality and self-assurance, even sensual provocation. Variously depicted in interior or studio settings, her muses often appear as both painter and model invoking a subtle, yet potent narrative transition from subject to author.  Similarly, their props, including cigarettes, paint brushes, mirrors and easels act as recurring motifs that either amplify gesture or obscure, elucidating a psychologically charged and nuanced view of feminine agency. Brice lives and works in London.