Klara Liden (b. 1979, Stockholm) attended the School of Architecture, Royal School of Technology from 2000-2004, before studying at University College of Arts Crafts and Design, Konstfack from 2004-2007 (both Stockholm). Liden's multidisciplinary practice evades straightforward categorisation, traversing a range of media including video, performance, sculpture, structural intervention and installation. Her work often incorporates materials sourced from urban loci, which she rends anew and ripe for re-encounter with an inventive, and at times playful verve – a process she has described as ‘unbuilding’. With interests in architecture and that of its environments, social constructs surrounding material function, and at its centre the body in relation to these elements, her art is marked by an enduring exploration the physical and psychological bounds of the spaces – both public and private – we inhabit.