A-Z West is an artwork by Andrea Zittel located on almost 80 acres in the California high desert next to Joshua Tree National Park. Since its inception in 2000, A-Z West has functioned as Zittel's evolving testing grounds for living-a place in which spaces, objects, and acts of living all intertwine as a single ongoing investigation into social norms, values, and what it means to live and participate in culture today. Works and projects at A-Z West include Zittel's home/testing grounds, A-Z West studio and weaving studio, the Wagon Station Encampment, Regenerating Field, Planar Pavilions, a 10-acre parcel for High Desert Test Sites projects, and several adjacent parcels slated for future projects.

A-Z West Works are made in the A-Z West studio where all income generated is used to fund the residency programmes and general sustainability of A-Z West. Sales from The Shop also generate income for artists local to the High Desert where employment and means of financial support are limited. A-Z West Works include A-Z Containers, A-Z Covers, A-Z Corners as well as the A-Z West Studio Weavings. As part of the pop up at The Shop, High Desert Test Sites - a non-profit arts organisation that supports immersive experiences and exchanges between artists, critical thinkers, and general audiences - are also presenting a variety of gems and minerals sourced from Quartzsite, Arizona.