Ugo Rondinone

New Horizon
Ugo Rondinone, Phong Bui and Bob Nichas, 2017
Hardback: 228 pages
Publisher: JRP Ringier
ISBN: 9783037645062
Dimensions: 240mm x 310mm

A new series of three publications extensively documents three of his most renowned series: the Landscape Paintings, the Horizon Paintings, and the Sun Paintings. In the second volume dedicated to the Horizon Paintings (1999–2011), artist and writer Phong Bui retraces the genealogy of stripe paintings from Barnett Newman to Rondinone, while art critic Bob Nickas thoroughly examines the making and meaning of painting in his work. He states: “While it is true that Rondinone has followed many paths over time, he has found ways for them to converge and align, to overlay abstraction and representation, reality and the unreal, artifice and the sublime. It has never been possible to predict where he will venture next with the products of his mind, and it remains so, as these stripe paintings metaphorically suggest: a sustained event-horizon or point of no return, where one can never apprehend the end of the line.”

Ugo Rondinone: New Horizon
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