Sarah Lucas

Tits in Space (2020)
Dimensions: 52cm x 1000cm

Produced for Michael Clark’s upcoming show at the Barbican, Cosmic Dancer, opening Wednesday 07 October 2020, Sarah Lucas has created a special limited edition of her iconic wallpaper Tits in Space (2000) in Pink, Pantone. Printed with photographic images of disembodied breast-like shapes sculpted from cigarettes. The earliest iteration of Lucas’s Tits in Space showed these cigarettes orbs repeated in pairs against a black background and were first shown in her solo exhibition, The Fag Show, at Sadie Coles HQ, London in 2000. 


Price per roll £400.00 (exc 20% VAT)

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Sarah Lucas: Tits in Space (2020)
£ 400.00
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