Helen Marten

Sparrows On the Stone
Helen Marten, 2021
Softcover in a hand-printed sleeve
Publisher: Made by Helen Marten
Dimensions: Booklet: 300mm x 215mm; Sleeve: 350mm x 230mm

Sparrows On the Stone is a limited edition artist booklet made by Helen Marten to accompany her ambitious new body of work of the same name, first shown at Sadie Coles HQ in Autumn 2021. The booklet provides an in depth view of the intricately conceived installation system comprising silk-screened paintings with sculptural appendages and a large-scale sculpture; mapped out through the singularity of a body form (head, arms, heart, stomach, legs). An essay by Marten examining the myriad facets and forms of temper is accompanied by diagrams, annotations and details of individual works.


The booklets are produced in a limited edition of 500 and are presented in a hand printed envelope, with two inserts.



Softcover in a hand-printed sleeve
Helen Marten: Sparrows On the Stone
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