Laura Owens

Laura Owens, 2012
Paperback: 176 pages
Publisher: Karma, NY
ISBN: 978-1-938560-10-1
Dimensions: 279mm x 279mm
This artist's book presents the complete collection of Laura Owens' clock paintings in scaleddown reproductions. 'For each canvas Owens has used the image of an analog clock as a loose template, overlaying the idea of a clock and representations of time onto each in a series that moves back and forth between figuration and abstraction. In some works, motorized clock hands bring kinetic movement to the paintings. Quick-witted punning spins across other canvases, with hands and faces of clocks replaced by human faces and hands. Elsewhere the clock seems to dissolve into painterly gestures as the paintings make their way through such diverse styles as Pattern and Decoration, Op Art, Picasso-esque portraiture, Abstract Expressionism and geometric formalism. Art historical references are co-opted with finesse and a clear-eyed sense of no-fuss entitlement, in service to a larger goal: Owens’ own precise vision for what makes a painting visually compelling and pleasurable to behold.' This publication pictures each canvas' front and back on the front and reverse of each page, reshaping the "don't touch" experience of the unique works into a tactile and leisurely browse. A gratifying experience of the book form that suits the mix of equivocalness and accommodation that characterizes Owens’ work.
Laura Owens: Clocks
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