Diego Marcon

Three Works
Eva Fabbris (ed.), 2021
Softcover 232 pages
Publisher: Lenz Press
ISBN: 978-88-945353-7-2
Dimensions: 16.5 x 24 cm
In his own highly personal theory on passions, Diego Marcon explores and reinvents archetypes taken from movie genres such as horror, slapstick comedy, musicals, and cartoons, creating characters and settings with undertones of the uncanny, the tender, and the ruthless. This book deals with the artist’s practice through the analysis of three film and video works: Monelle (2017), Ludwig (2018), and The Parents’ Room (2021) are his most recent and complex projects, and while they do not constitute a trilogy, they are all emblematic of central aspects of his practice.
Diego Marcon: Three Works
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