Uri Aran


Made in 2013 during the artist’s two month residency at the South London Gallery as the inaugural Outset Artist-In-Residence, Uri Aran’s Untitled presents a seemingly disparate yet carefully choreographed assemblage of fragmented imagery that confronts the viewer with a visual and linguistic puzzle. Source footage of the artist’s friend reading from a script in the flat Aran resided in during his residency is spliced together with superimposed images of the artist’s drawings (acting as abstract cinematic landscapes), boys on their bikes in a park, archive footage of girls performing ballet on a stage and moments of digital animation. The meticulous visuals are accompanied by an orchestral soundtrack that saturates the work with expectation and anxiety, underscoring an urgency that might otherwise be overlooked.


Existing as one formalist whole as much as his sculptures and drawings, the film pinpoints a concept familiar to Aran’s work – navigating the parameters in which genre, gesture and artifice play out both in art and everyday reality and the liminal spaces they occupy. Untitled acts as a finite moment in which to engage with temporality by inviting the viewer to suspend their disbelief and offers a sentimental perspective on the implicit, albeit hidden, logic that defines Aran’s work.

Uri Aran

Exhibition Tenants Like These introduced by James Cahill
31 January - 30 March 2019
1 Davies Street W1

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Uri Aran, Tenants Like These

Exhibition walkthrough

Uri Aran, Nocturne, as Taught

Exhibition walkthrough

Uri Aran

In conversation with Alessandro Rabottini

Culture Now: Uri Aran
2 September 2016

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