Books & Catalogues

2020 Martine Syms: Shame Space (New York: Primary Information, 2020)
2019 Martine Syms: BOON. (Berlin: Revolver Publishing, 2019)
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A Thread or Line That Holds Things Together: 99 Subtle Maneuvers (Oakland CA: Publication Studio Oakland, 2015)


041 Book of Fate (New York: Miniature Garden, 2013)

135 Showpaper cover (New York: SHOWPAPER, 2013)

2012 Fools (Los Angeles: Dominica Publishing, 2012)

Marco Kane Braunschweiler and Martine Syms, Reference Work (Chicago: Golden Age; MCA Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, 2011)

Implications and Distinctions: Format, Content and Context in Contemporary Race Film (Future Plan and Program, 2011)





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2014                        Most Days (New York: Mixed Media  Recordings, 2014)