Jordan Wolfson

Manic / Love / Truth / Love
Alison Gingeras, Jack Bankowsky, Mark Godfrey, Beatrix Ruf and Martin Van Nieuwenhuyzen, 2018
Hardback, 128 pages
Publisher: Rizzoli Electa
ISBN: 978-0-08478-6067-8
Dimensions: 290mm X 400mm

Jordan Wolfson’s latest Rizzoli publication focusses on two major new works, Colored sculpture, 2016, and (Female figure), 2014. With original texts by Jack Bankowsky, Alison Gingeras and Joe Frank. This publication produced in partnership with the Stedelijk Museum explores the sculptures and interactive installations that are born from Wolfson’s contradictory relationship with technology, creating an unsettling tension between the figure and the spectacle.

Jordan Wolfson: Manic / Love / Truth / Love
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