Matthew Barney

Pamela Franks, Elisabeth Hodermarsky, Andre Lepecki, Gifford Pinchot, Molly Nesbit, Arthur Middleon, Jannifer Raab, John Rember, 2019
Paperback 368 pages
Publisher: Yale University Press,
ISBN: 9780300243277
Dimensions: 244 mm x 165 mm

Matthew Barney’s new publication Redoubt was published by Yale University Press to accompany his first major show with Yale University. Redoubt is a comprehensive catalogue of Matthew Barney’s newest projects which centres on a two-hour film that creates a complex portrait of the American landscape by layering classical, cosmological, and American myths about humanity’s place in the natural world. The publication comprises of hundreds of stills that track the film’s narrative, as well as essays by Pamela Franks, Andre Lepecki, Arthur Middleon, Jennifer Raab and John Rember. Also featured in the catalogue are the artworks that were made by Barney in conjunction with the film: electroplated copper engravings based on those his character makes and sculptures created by pouring molten metal through hollowed, burned trees harvested from the Sawtooth region. Taking a cue from the Redoubt’s mountain setting, the overall design of the book evokes a field guide.

Matthew Barney: Redoubt
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