Charlie Fox

This Young Monster
Charlie Fox, 2019
Softcover 280 pages
Publisher: Fitzcarraldo Editions
ISBN: 978-1910695-35-7
Dimensions: 200mm x 140mm

Published 22 February 2017, This Young Monster is a hallucinatory celebration of artists who raise hell, transform their bodies, anger their elders and show their audience dark, disturbing things. What does it mean to be a freak? Why might we be wise to think of the present as a time of monstrosity? And how does the concept of the monster irradiate our thinking about queerness, disability, children and adolescents? From Twin Peaks to Leigh Bowery, Harmony Korine to Alice in WonderlandThis Young Monster gets high on a whole range of riotous art as its voice and form shape-shift, all in the name of dealing with the strange wonders of what Nabokov once called ‘monsterhood’. Ready or not, here they come...'

Charlie Fox: This Young Monster
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