Urs Fischer

Paintings 1998 - 2017
Priya Bhatnagar, Jamie Gecker, Abby Haywood, Angela Kunicky, Annie Roft and Natalie Skinner, 2019
Slipcase, Hadback 572 pages
Publisher: Kiito-San
ISBN: 9780996413053
Dimensions: 254mm x 300mm

This three-volume retrospective is the first publication dedicated solely to Urs Fischer’s painting in the years between 1998 – 2017. Fischer’s two-dimensional works encapsulate some of the defining characteristics of his oeuvre: colour, precision, and juxtaposition. His unique approach to painting often capitalizes on the relationship between photography and painting, in many works exploring the potential of texture within two-dimensional plane. Works illustrated in the monograph are represented to scale relative to one another and include early collage works, many of which have not been exhibited for years.

Slipcase, Hadback
Urs Fischer: Paintings 1998 - 2017
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