Klara Liden

Softcover 160 pages
Publisher: Secession and Revolver Publishing
Dimensions: 110mm x 140mm

Klara Liden's GTG TTYL is a flick-book translation of the video work GTG TTYL shown at Secession February 1 - March 31, 2019. The two forms have much in common, and it is the structural similarities that Liden exploits in the publication, pushing the limits of a book’s sequential nature and the behaviour of encountering it. Expanded as Got To Go Talk To You Later, it shows the artist performing three movements, each effecting a disappearance. In its publication form the reader/flicker experiences the page like the frame of a video; the direction and speed with which she performs the mechanical operation of splicing them together places her in the role of an editor, where she might find herself rendering the artist’s re-appearance.

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