Andrea Zittel

A-Z West Works (Banded Calcite)
Various sizes

Andrea Zittel is prensenting A-Z West Works pop-up at Sadie Coles HQ Gallery. The shop features a selection of works generated from A-Z West, the artist’s compound that serves as her home and testing grounds for living prototypes, and by High Desert Test Sites (HDTS), an arts nonprofit that promotes experimental exchanges in the High Desert.


Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy. Simply having Calcite in the room cleans negative energies from the environment and heightens your energy. Within the body, it removes stagnant energy. The spectrum of colours cleans the physical and subtle bodies. Calcite is an active crystal, speeding up development and growth. This is a spiritual stone linked to the higher consciousness that facilitates the opening of higher awareness and psychic abilities such as channelling and out of body experiences. It accelerates spiritual development and allows the soul to remember experiences when it returns to the body.

Andrea Zittel: A-Z West Works (Banded Calcite)
£ 10.00
Andrea Zittel: A-Z West Works (Banded Calcite)
£ 14.00
Andrea Zittel: A-Z West Works (Banded Calcite)
£ 19.00
Andrea Zittel: A-Z West Works (Banded Calcite)
£ 75.00
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