Andreas Slominski (b. 1959, Meppen, Germany) lives and works in Werder, Germany. For over twenty years, Slominski has developed an eclectic and subtly interrelated corpus which repeatedly defies recognition; alternately drawing upon everyday objects and experiences, as well as escaping into a quixotic realm of personal motifs, the works oscillate between found objects and handcraft. Known for both his modified ‘trap sculptures’, and a conceptual preoccupation with the act of production, Slominski frequently incites performance from unknowing viewers: police investigating the appearance of a tree stump, individuals gathered for an artless exhibition opening, or a stamp licked by the tongue of a giraffe. The object exhibited is often the culmination of an elaborate sequence of events – Slominski has covered his tracks, chapters of the narrative have vanished, leaving perplexing signs for the viewer to unfold.